uClibc Busybox Distro

Started: ~2005-01-01 Updated: 2008-01-02

This is my project to get a fast and slim Linux distribution onto my Pentium 233Mhz Toshiba 335CDS laptop. It utilizes the frequently stellar projects:

  • Buildroot
  • uClibc
  • Busybox

Buildroot often fails to compile a full set of packages, but when it does the resulting system is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a while.

Included Software

  • pcmcia-cs 3.2.8
  • wireless-tools 29
  • links
  • busybox 1.7.2
  • uClibc 0.9.29
  • alsa-lib and alsa-utils
  • gcc 4.2.1
  • make
  • autotools
  • dropbear (ssh client and server) 0.50
  • directfb 1.0.1
  • grub 0.97


02 January 2008

  • We now have a C++ compiler

This uncompresses to around 150MB. It'll probably run well even under 32MB of RAM.



I recommend the following:

  1. Compile your own Linux 2.6.23 kernel with modules built-in (for ease)
  2. Create a grub boot disk
  3. Install Deli Linux on the destination laptop and get some sort of network capability
  4. Create a partition for the Busybox distro
  5. Boot your Deli install
  6. Untar the distro files onto the partition
  7. Copy over your kernel
  8. chroot to the partition and set up grub onto the MBR
  9. Enjoy



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