Hi! Welcome.

You can find some of my older projects below, but the most active stuff is on GitHub and GitLab.

Take care!

Active Projects

Title Language Description License
raspi-hd-surveillance Python 1088p@30fps motion detection, h264 output, JPEG live viewing. Raspi 3, 4, Zero. MIT
voxeling Javascript Creative mode WebGL voxel game. Multiplayer functionality and very few deps. MIT

Inactive Projects

Title Language Description License
tracker PHP5 Tool for journal keeping, blog staging, link tracking MIT
early Javascript, Java Web+Android app combo to replace Google Keep. Set reminders. Store notes, URLs. MIT
music-player Javascript Web-based player for your music catalog MIT
raspi-wifi-router Ansible Ansible playbook for a raspi wireless router running Debian/Raspbian
devops-harbinger Javascript Beginnings of an alerting system for servers + apps. No DSLs, just JavaScript code. MIT
node-rss-proxy node.js Caching proxy for podcast RSS feeds: Less XML for your phone to download and parse. MIT
tagged-cache Multiple Instead of Varnish, tag and cache your markup in Redis from node.js or PHP MIT
node-daapd node.js Share your MP3s with iTunes from linux! This is a node.js DAAP server. MIT
collections PHP5 Self-hosted photo backup and sharing web app. Think flickr, but much simpler.
Screenshots: main, edit, sharing, shared
tiny-helpers PHP5 Standalone classes for input validation, routing, markup generation MIT
dbFacile PHP5 * Database abstraction/facade for mysql, sqlite3, postgres
* insert() & update() helpers take assoc-array of data and table
* fetchRows(), fetchKeyValue(), fetchColumn(), fetchCell()
* Proper escaping & quoting to prevent SQL injection
* Unit tests!
metrics-dashboard-ui HTML5, JavaScript, CSS Simple metrics dashboard that pulls from your own API. MIT
nodeFTPd node.js Basic FTP server. Forked project, fixed data connection logic, prepared for use by others MIT
mercussion Python Marching percussion notation. Output: PDFs, MusicXML and MIDI files MIT
Data Type Tables Python3 Field-level revision tracking in an ORM that stores by data type
authorize.net PHP5 Class providing capture, charge, refund and void for Authorize.NET MIT
TESI C A terminal and its escape sequence interpreter. Pluggable front-ends. GPL
Knox C Split screen terminal multiplexer, akin to GNU screen GPL
uClibc Busybox Linux Distro n/a Slim distro for an old laptop n/a


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