Hi! Welcome.

You can find some of my older projects below, but the most active stuff is on GitHub and GitLab.

Take care!

Active Projects

Title Language Description License
pimera C Security and critter camera for RasPis MIT
voxeling Javascript Creative mode WebGL voxel game. Multiplayer functionality and very few deps. MIT

Inactive Projects

Title Language Description License
raspi-hd-surveillance Python 1088p@30fps motion detection, h264 output, JPEG live viewing. Raspi 3, 4, Zero. MIT
tracker PHP5 Tool for journal keeping, blog staging, link tracking MIT
music-player Javascript Web-based player for your music catalog MIT
node-rss-proxy node.js Caching proxy for podcast RSS feeds: Less XML for your phone to download and parse. MIT
tagged-cache Multiple Instead of Varnish, tag and cache your markup in Redis from node.js or PHP MIT
node-daapd node.js Share your MP3s with iTunes from linux! This is a node.js DAAP server. MIT
tiny-helpers PHP5 Standalone classes for input validation, routing, markup generation MIT
dbFacile PHP5 * Database abstraction/facade for mysql, sqlite3, postgres
* insert() & update() helpers take assoc-array of data and table
* fetchRows(), fetchKeyValue(), fetchColumn(), fetchCell()
* Proper escaping & quoting to prevent SQL injection
* Unit tests!
nodeFTPd node.js Basic FTP server. Forked project, fixed data connection logic, prepared for use by others MIT
mercussion Python Marching percussion notation. Output: PDFs, MusicXML and MIDI files MIT
Data Type Tables Python3 Field-level revision tracking in an ORM that stores by data type
TESI C A terminal and its escape sequence interpreter. Pluggable front-ends. GPL
Knox C Split screen terminal multiplexer, akin to GNU screen GPL
uClibc Busybox Linux Distro n/a Slim distro for an old laptop n/a


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